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If I Were a Whale

by Shelley Gill

Illustrated by Erik Brooks

RELEASE DATE Spring 2017

Alaskan author and whale researcher Shelley Gill takes young readers exploring with humpbacks, narwhals and the great blue whale. A terrific introduction to earth's largest species.

Sasquatch Books <>
1904 Third Avenue, Suite 710
Seattle, WA 98101

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A Story of Me, My Dog, and the 1970s

By Shelley Gill
Illustrated by Marc Scheff

Coming of age in the Age of Aquarius.

Author Shelley Gill was seventeen-years-old in 1972 and a free spirit protesting the Vietnam War, marching for civil rights, and finding her way in a changing world. While volunteering in the medical tent at the first Rainbow Gathering in Granby, Colorado, Shelley met Gabe—a blue merle husky mix puppy abandoned by his owner. Gabe quickly became Shelley’s best friend and protector. They travelled the country together, hitchhiking to New Orleans, to Indiana, to New York City, to the Rocky Mountains, and eventually to Alaska, where they stayed. Shelley has lived full-force, grabbing life by the horns and not letting go. Her spirit and attitude are ever-present in this autobiography, which is a snapshot of a turbulent time in American history, as well as a love-letter to cherished dog and a true friend.

Publisher: Charlesbridge (Apr 05, 2016)

ISBN 9781570913549 Hardcover $12.95


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On Apple iPad only (for now...)

What's Up with Whales?

What's Up with Whales?

Slide into a whale's world and get a glimpse of what scientists know and what they wonder about. Using STEM protocol students can explore whale migration, associations and evolution. Where do they go, why do they sing, what do they use that enormous brain for?

Written by author and whale researcher Shelley Gill, this interactive digital book contains three Measured Reading levels in both English and Spanish to help readers connect with the right level of challenge in their native language.

Released: Oct 06, 2015
Version: 1.0.2
Size: 334 MB
©2015 Kiwa Digital Ltd
Rated 4+
Made for Ages 9–11
Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with Apple iPad.

Prickly Rose

Prickly Rose

by Shelley Gill

Prickly Rose is tired of being left behind when her legendary big sister, Sitka, goes off on yet another adventure. Determined to follow in Sitka’s huge footsteps, Prickly sets off—with tumultuous results. As she tromps across Alaska, Prickly fires up a volcano, gives the earth a mighty shake, and whips up a tsunami. Even little sisters can have a big impact in this original Alaskan tall tale.

Publisher: Charlesbridge (February, 2014)

ISBN-13: 978-1570913570 Hardcover $13.64

Alaska cover

Alaska's Dog Heroes

by Shelley Gill

Dogs really are a personís best friend in Alaska. These true canine stories from the last frontier describe remarkable acts of intelligence, stamina, loyalty, and heroism by Balto, Togo, Tekla, Stickeen, and more of Alaskaís famous dogs.

Sasquatch Books; 1st edition: February, 2014

ISBN: 13: 9781570619472 Hardcover $10.95

Alaska cover


by Shelley Gill

Dedicated to Norman Vaughn
"To understand Alaska is to understand the land..."

Charlesbridge Publishing; 1st edition: January, 2007

ISBN: 043911763-1 Hardcover $10.95

Hawaii book cover


by Shelley Gill
Illustrated by Scott Goto

"My name is Patrick and I'm going to take you on tour of home state of Hawai'i." So begins a journey around the islands of Hawai'i in a kayak like his ancestors before him...

Charlesbridge Publishing; 1st edition: June 1, 2006

ISBN: 0881062979 Hardcover $11.95

up on denali cover

Up on Denali: Alaska's Wild Mountain

By Shelley Gill
Illustrated by Shannon Cartwright

From its origins as a trick played by Raven (the scientific version involving plate tectonics is also included) to the flora and fauna and human explorations, this colorful children's book reveals every facet of Alaska's great Denali mountain. Employing the Gill-Cartwright signature style of mingling fiction and fact, this book is brimming with fun and fascinating information and wonder about the tallest, coldest, wildest mountain in America.

ISBN: 1570613656
Charlesbridge Publishing; April 2006 $10.95

Sitka Rose Cover

Sitka Rose

By Shelley Gill
Illustrated by Shannon Cartwright

"Not an inch of her was tame" goes the story of Sitka Rose, with her long flame-colored braids woven with wildflowers. Like most heroes, Sitka Rose could do fabulous things even as an infant, when she'd climb a spruce to see the sky before she could crawl. She lassoed a whale to reach the Nome gold rush, left a trench filled by the Yukon River in her search for nuggets, and won a sled race by harnessing a grizzly bear and ten wolverines.

Charlesbridge Publishing February 2005

ISBN: 1-57091-353-6 Hardcover $16.95

Big Blue Cover

Big Blue

by Shelley Gill

Kye knows all about whales, and dreams of swimming with a blue whale. When she goes with her mother to Mexico, she wonders if her wish may finally come true. Full color.

ISBN: 1-57091-352-8
Publisher: Charlesbridge Publishing
Ages: 05 - 10




Hi everyone
I want to give this elegant program from the University of Washington a plug. Heath Smith is a trainer and I got to know him working on my new book: Allie and Gator-the whale poop sniffing dogs. What they are doing is pretty incredible-and they need our support. To learn more go to:

We are the Conservation Canines. Since 1997 we have rescued shelter dogs and put their noses to work for wildlife conservation! We have many dogs in our program, all of them special: they LOVE to play ball. All we do is pair they favorite game with finding... scat. From scat researchers discover a whole slew of information that would otherwise be very costly, invasive and sometimes dangerous to obtain from trapping or radio collaring. Take Captain, for instance. He was driven all the way from Ohio to Washington last year because his family did not know how to handle his non-stop desire to play. A few months later Captain was on a plane to Turkey to aid scientists in cataloging their wildlife. Two months and 2,000 scats later Captain is now a seasoned scat detector dog and a member of our "Pack"! Then there's Pips, who was passed from home to home until a shelter in Arizona found us. Pips is now in California searching for Pacific fisher, an elusive animal in the weasel family that might soon be listed as endangered. He is an integral component of fisher population monitoring and with his incredible scat detection skills, researchers are able to discover the most critical habitat in need or conservation. Tucker, another of our conservation dogs, is currently on a boat sniffing for orca whale scat! He hates water but luckily for him, he doesn't need to swim to sniff for his target. His nose is able to detect orcas up to one-nautical mile away. The data that the orca team collects is critical to understanding what toxins are in the water, which ultimately affect humans. From remote Turkey, to rugged California, to the salty Pacific Northwest our dogs are deployed around the world, aiding scientists everywhere. And all because they love to play with a ball.

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